“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions” – Hugh Jackman (Actor)

Office Coffee Machines & Professional Vending Machines in Melbourne

Our fresh-made coffee beans (unlike coffee pods) together with our cutting edge Automatic Coffee Machines give your Melbourne workplace an effortless barista experience.

Café Vend has been providing office coffee machines as well as Professional Vending Machines to  Melbourne businesses for more than 20 years. It is through our passion to deliver the best outcomes for our clients that has fuelled our business expansion across small, medium and large-scale organizations.

Café Vend’s Office Coffee Machines, cold beverage, and snack machines provide a diverse range to choose from and fuel employee productivity.

Our office machines and vending machines are robust and well maintained to in turn provide quality service and longevity in our client relationships.

Our Coffee Beans are freshly roasted regularly unlike coffee pods which remain in warehouses losing their freshness. When comparing products such as Nespresso and our fresh coffee beans, the taste test reveals that fresh coffee beans blended with quality ingredients are a superior product to the Nespresso coffee machine as special coffee beans and roasting techniques have been perfected. Café Vend constantly communicates with the coffee roasters to ensure our coffee beans are harvested from quality sources in South America, Africa, and Asia so that our distinct aromatic coffee is maintained.

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