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Coffee Beans & Blends

Our coffee roaster has more than 135 years’ experience in sourcing, roasting and packaging fresh coffee beans from South America, Asia and Africa. The storehouse contains a range of light, medium and dark blends which allows Café Vend to satisfy any pallet. These are the most popular blends selected by our clients.


Sweet Felix

A coffee with a sophisticated flavour that is bright and tropically fruity sweetly balanced by a citrus finish. Made with 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia.



A deliciously smooth, earthy blend with lingering berry and dark chocolate undertones. With a good, strong body that is refreshing with no bitterness, this delectable blend is made with 100% Arabica beans.


Italian Espresso

Strong flavours of dark chocolate and walnuts flow through this clean cup which is balanced by a bright, crisp acidity. The long creamy finish includes hints of toasted, woody aromatics.


A semi-dark roast with a slightly stronger rich taste, this full-bodied blend brims with earthy flavours hinted with chocolate and nutty sweetness. The captivating aroma flows through to the sweet caramel like finish.