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When selecting an Office Coffee Machine there are a range of factors that the user should take into consideration: Coffee Machine type (coffee beans or coffee pods), the other ingredients used such as milk, tea or chocolate and most importantly the quality of service provided by the chosen company.

In terms of the coffee machine type, there are two main categories: coffee beans or coffee pods. Coffee beans for office coffee machines are the superior option. This is because, unlike coffee pods, our fresh beans are sourced, roasted and packaged on a regular basis ensuring our coffee beans are fresh. Coffee Pods are pre-ground and often held in storage for long periods of time where freshness is compromised.

Our Office Coffee Machines use high-quality ingredients in order to produce outstanding results for our office clients. With the touch of a button, our office Coffee Machines grind, brew and dispense a range of delicious and energy boosting beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, mochachino, hot chocolate, and tea.

Our service record with our office coffee machines is second to none. Café Vend always aims to provide an exceptional service by customizing and listening to our clients in order to achieve the most optimal outcomes. For example, we can customize your coffee blend from a range of Coffee Beans roasted specifically to your liking.