Café Vend helping essential businesses during COVID-19 pandemic

Café Vend helping essential businesses during COVID-19 pandemic

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Café Vend has been assisting essential businesses across different industries reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus risk in their workplace.

The workplace kitchen can be considered a hotspot for contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). For example, self-serve manual coffee facilities are dangerous especially when re-usable spoons in coffee, tea or sugar jars are not replaced. The virus can also spread when multiple employees use allocated paper cups from a single location.

These issues are compounded in high-traffic situations such as large-scale manufacturing or processing. In this predicament especially, organisations must keep hygiene standards and reduce touchpoints in the kitchen area.

Automatic coffee vending machines are proven in helping businesses provide coffee for their employees

In such high-traffic areas, Café Vend has been assisting businesses by installing fully automatic one-touch coffee vending machines.

In this process, the risks brought by self-serve manual coffee facilities are reduced as employees only need to press one-button.

Peter Xydeas (managing director – Café Vend) explains that organisations can benefit from one-button system.

“Our automatic coffee machines have been helping businesses in all sizes to provide coffee in an efficient and clean way for more than twenty-years. There isn’t any better way to do it,” he said.

These state-of-the-art coffee machines keep kitchen spaces clean and tidy. Another benefit of using these coffee machines is consistency and predictability.

In self-serve manual situations, product-loss is greater as each employee adjusts their coffee and milk dosage differently. In coffee vending machines, employees select their beverage and are given the exact same dosage of coffee and milk every time.

Such has been these success with a large-scale waste management companies in Melbourne which keep their workplace kitchen clean and helps manage the risk of the coronavirus at work.

Fully automatic coffee-machines in high traffic environments are an efficient and responsible way to serve many cups of coffee quickly and consistently.

If you are interested in automating your coffee facilities at work, please contact 0415 538 517.